Society of Pilar Bhopal - Facilities

In the hostel we have 1000 + children ranging from age 4 to 16. Kinder garden, pre primary, primary and senior secondary children are sheltered. In the hostel we see perfect blend of harmony of religion, cast and creed. Children are prepared and groomed all round way. The transformation is amazing one. We have sheltering these children in four homes depending on their age factor.

TRIBAL HOSTEL has actual more than 200 children under its care in the two children’s h TRIBAL HOSTEL Through awareness programme we try to instill social hygienic values to bonded laborers and poor slum dwellers.

The Society of Divine providence is running Pilar Mata Dispensary with an objective of ‘Helping People Help Themselves’ by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity to serve the society without considering any bias of cast or creed. We are happy to say that since our inception we have been serving the under privileged and those poor people of the society who deserve but cannot afford high quality medical treatments by helping monetarily in a good hospital. We also provide free medicine to the poor and needy.

We also provided shelter to the poor and the needy.

We constantly work for the freed bonded laborers rehabilitation by educating their children, for girls we run tailoring classes and through balwadi we instill love for education in the early age.

Around 80 families are rehabilitated in Mahatma Gandhi Leprosy Ashram. Whose daily needs and health is taken care of. Their children are well groomed in our schools and hostels as well as job oriented training s are given even they have been sent to higher education.

Very deserving children are sent to higher education such as ITI in Mumbai, Coimbatore (Chennai), nursing, MBA, and various graduation courses. We also collaborate with other agencies to help these children to find Job.

We do carry out income generating activity such as cultivation of wheat, vegetables and Dairy. In order to reduce fire wood we have gober gas plantation which is sufficient for one hostel to run. Dairy is another