Society of Pilar Bhopal - About Us

The famous gas tragedy at Bhopal brought the society of Pilar from Goa to Madhya Pradesh Society of Pilar Bhopal is a Registered under the Madhya Pradesh Societies and Firms Registration Act 1973. The society carries out varied and numerous activities under the banner of educational, cultural and social sphere.


  • To uplift the poor and marginalized.
  • Education for the poor and the marginalized
  • Social hygienic and awareness
  • Restoring Health
  • Sheltering the needy and children
  • Rehabilitation of Bonded Laborers
  • Leprosy Rehabilitation
  • Academic Education & Life Education for children-in-crisis
  • Follow-up children’s education till completion of High School : from 4 to 16 years

Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity, Commitment and Perseverance


  • To establish a boys' Town for poor children wherein academic / technical/ vocational education Will be made available. First - hand experience in Poultry/ Fish farming and Agriculture will be given.
  • To strive to bring about literacy in the villages. To provide schemes for self-employment.
  • To set up an ideal village, with emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, clean drinking water, and the setting up of a Gobar Gas plant. A Welfare center to look after health/educational problems.
  • An Alcohol/Drug drying-out center.
  • To rehabilitate the Leprosy patients and help the destitutes.

Founder Members

S. No. Name Designation Occupation
1 Fr. Franklin Rodrigues President Missionary/Priest
2 Fr. Lulu Menezes Vice President Priest
3 Fr. Ubaldo Fernandes Secretary Parish, Priest, Principal, Superior, Dalegate
4 Mr. Leon Bent Member Business Man
5 Mr. Louis Fernandes Member Service
6 Miss. Sanskruti Vaidya Member Teacher
7 Miss. Judith Pereira Member Teacher
8 Fr. Walter Gomes Member Priest
9 Fr. Wilfred Gomes Member Priest
10 Fr. Norman Aluede Member Priest
11 Mrs. Lorraine Bent Member Teacher
12 Dr. Sunil Pralad Member Medical, Practitioner
13 Dr. Ritu Pralad Member Medical, Practitioner