Society of Pilar Bhopal - Activities

Our Current Support:

  • We have created a leprosy colony where we provide the best of required assistance to the patients - medical assistance, food assistance, educational assistance and economic assistance. Currently, we have eighty families combining to about 100 members adult and their 150 children whom we serve in our hostels.
  • We have a girl’s hostel for about 385 children who are studying in various classrooms from standard 1 to 12th.
  • Same way, for boys, we have a boy’s hostel for approx 385 children who study in various classrooms from standard 1 to 12th.
  • We do have Kindergarten Education system for about 230 children’s studying in another premise of the same NGO. These little kids are from states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, North East, and West Bengal. Some of the little stars are orphans, semi orphans, social oppressed, or are poor who cannot afford the study under systemized education system.
  • We also have a separate self sustained hostel for about 120 college studying children’s, out of which 17 are pursuing ANM nursing, 2 B.Sc. Nursing, 1 B.E. Electronics, 1 studying in Master of Arts, 1 continuing B.Ed., 9 doing MSW, 5 studying MBA, 5 doing Computer Hardware, 21 learning ITI, and about 48 others studying BA, B.Com and other streams.
  • With our own managed funds, we run a dispensary on charity for the poor people with professional staffs.
  • We also provide social economical and financial support to about 400 families of laborers.
  • SPB runs a charity school for under privileged children’s by the name of “Prakash Vidyalaya” which provides quality education to around 1200 children’s.
  • This NGO runs Six Balwadi’s in its nearby locality for the good upkeep of approx 300 children’s from economically poor section. (Balwadi is an Indian pre-school run in rural areas and for economically weaker sections of the society, either by government or NGOs).

Ongoing Programs:

  • Free School for deprived children of poor, slums and villages
  • Educational Aid : Note Books & School stationery for needy & deserving children
  • Supplementary Education : Evening Study Centers - enhancing academic skills
  • Life Education : Personality development - self confidence
  • Awareness for parents : Responsible parenthood in child education & formation
  • Food and shelter to those in need

The Society of Pilar Bhopal carries out these activities mainly through the help, donations received from the benefactors and through income generating activities. The society SPB envisions contributing significantly towards quality education, healthcare and livelihood facilities to the socially and economically disadvantaged people so that they grow up as responsible citizen of our country and live with dignity.